Time and choice.

Funny stuff - relative for each and every one of us.

Yet it ties us, as the current group of humans on the planet, together in a shared existence.  Maybe you believe yourself to be in charge of your life.  Maybe you think destiny or fate is what guides your path.  I think the reality of our lot is that our choices affect others more than they affect ourselves. 

Think about that.

Fate determining events isn't supernatural.  It's just two simple elements; man and nature.  Nature can be divided into the external and the internal.  Weather and local environment determining what you can hunt and grow to eat, the materials you use for shelter and clothing, for example.  Yet we are learning to change it.  The internal is chemistry; your sex determines the hormones in your body which in turn impacts your desires and thoughts, your lineage and heredity determining your physical traits and defects.  We have also learned through science how to manipulate these.  Man instead makes laws and mores, determines what is socially and culturally acceptable, drawing all sorts of lines amongst ourselves.  Where your feet first landed wasn't your choice, but you can move, can't you?  What effect will you have where you stop?

Our choices affect everyone, even after we are long gone.

So is it fate that you find yourself here?  Or was it your choice?

Infinite possibilities existed for our paths to never cross and here you are, right now, perusing this page.

Time is a most precious thing to share and I hope my writing is worth your time.

Noel Thomas Fiems divides his time between Iowa and Italy.  He has had many experiences including but not limited to; newspaper delivery, field worker, dishwasher, pizza maker, helicopter mechanic, helicopter crew-chief, all types of carpentry from inside & outside the house, limo driver, hog barn builder, warehouse worker, truck driver, bus driver, educational consultant, bartender & building maintenance, and hotel manager.  He’s seen the Atlantic and Pacific from the air, watched an Aurora Borealis in Iowa, watched a waterspout in Costa Rica, been surrounded by mountain goats in the Alps, completely restored a 1946 Chevy ½ ton pickup, owned a Harley, built furniture, bikes, trikes, pedal planes, and tools.  He’s cast gold rings for his wife, melted and welded metal, gotten a mushroom license, and taken over fifty thousand photos.  He’s scuba-dived, snorkeled, hunted, fished, hiked, climbed cliff walls, lived five days in the mountains not by accident, flown a helicopter, white-water rafted, rappelled out of a hovering helicopter, driven tanks, trucks, semis, buses, boats, motorcycles, and wouldn't mind a chauffeur.  He wants to obtain a paragliding license but his knees are strongly opposed.  Maybe he'll build the Bloop, it looks pretty cool.  The knees agree, his wife not so much.

He's lived - but his best experience by far is husband and father.

He’s also an author.  Experience = stories.


Life doesn't happen, you do.  So do, honestly.  You won't regret it.