It's funny stuff.  Relative for each and every one of us.

Yet it ties us together in this shared existence.

Is it the fourth dimension?  Not really, considering that for the human body it is unidirectional.

Classic physics says it is so but quantum physics doesn't always agree.  In fact, they might show examples that it is reversible.  In some cases speed up or slow down.

But we learned that in kindergarten, right?  Ask any kid, they'll tell you it's true.  Remember the last time you did a chore or had fun?  How did your clock react?

Cause and effect, how do you know what you think you know, and our sense of what IS versus the ability of our bodies to adequately and correctly sense it.

What if you time travel every night?

It's funny we still don't know why we sleep.

These consequences, compelled by our having to *do* and permeated with the threads of time, are the celestial sphere we must carry.  Our world is little else for the short time we experience it.  Infinite possibilities existed for our paths to never cross and here you are, right now, perusing this page.

So, my dear reader, be my guest and read the short bio below but it won't tell you much - just a few things I've done this time around.  The list of will do's is much longer.  Further than the time allowed for it - of this, I have no doubt.

Words of sincerity, twists of a phrase, and interesting questions hooking up with answers to make even more questions.  That is my writing and I hope it is worth your time.  Truly it is the most precious sense you have.

Noel Thomas Fiems is a transplanted Iowan temporarily living in Aviano, Italy.  He has had many experiences including but not limited to; newspaper delivery, field worker, dishwasher, pizza maker, helicopter mechanic, helicopter crew-chief, all types of carpentry from inside & outside the house, limo driver, hog barn builder, warehouse worker, truck driver, bus driver, educational consultant, bartender & building maintenance, and, last but not least - hotel manager.  He’s seen the Atlantic and Pacific from the air, watched an Aurora Borealis in Iowa, watched a waterspout in Costa Rica, been surrounded by mountain goats in the Alps, completely restored a 1946 Chevy ½ ton pickup, owned a Harley, built furniture, bikes, trikes, pedal planes, and tools.  He’s cast gold rings for his wife, melted and welded metal, gotten a mushroom license, and taken over fifty thousand photos.  He’s scuba-dived, snorkeled, hunted, fished, hiked, climbed cliff walls, lived five days in the mountains and not by accident, flown a helicopter, white-water rafted, rappelled out of a hovering helicopter, driven tanks, trucks, semis, buses, boats, motorcycles, and would like to have a chauffeur.  He wants to obtain a paragliding license but his knees are strongly opposed.  Maybe he'll build the Bloop, it looks pretty cool.  The knees agree, his wife not so much.

His best experience by far is husband and father.

He’s also an author.  Experience = stories.

Noel graduated University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s of Arts concentrating in Italian literature.

Life doesn't happen, you do.  So do.  You won't regret it.