I found a copy of this strange little book in an airport several years ago but despite it hinting at five other books, I have yet to find any of the sequels.  Looking it up took me to some deep dark web chat room . . . I think my computer got tainted . . . I discovered that reading the whole series is supposed to reverse time . . . anyone out there ever hear of it?  If so, send me a photo!

Here's some of the inside;


To you and your time.

Truly, it is the only thing you will ever own.


Copyright © 2014 Oompa

All rights reserved.  This book is a work of fiction.  The author imagined it, mostly.  Any resemblance to actual persons, entities, molecular structures, sentient beings and/or any architectural structures, be them living, dead, or otherwise, is entirely coincidental.  Random events, poor SAT scores, solar flares, mitochondrial decay and sun in the eyes are likely culprits.  Or, blame entropy and that kissing cousin the chaos theory if you’d like.

That’s the author’s excuse.